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Report Problems


If you find any dead links, missing downloads, or any other types of problems here at Roller Coaster Central, simply e-mail the webmaster to notify him of the problems.  Please be sure, however, to put the following title on the SUBJECT LINE of the e-mail:

           >> "Roller Coaster Central Site Error Report"

Afterwards, in the body of the e-mail, please note the URL of the web page(s) on which the problem occurs as well as a quick description of the error.  This can range from a simple identification of the dilemma (i.e. "There is a broken link.") to a more in depth analysis.  More detail is appreciated but not necessary.  As long as the basic information is supplied, the problem should be remedied.


Hopefully, there should never be any errors, but if there is, we thank you in advance for notifying us of the problem.





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