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There's a funny thing about architects... or at least about students learning and training to become architects. When a person asks you what your major is, and you respond "architecture," two replies inevitably arrive.

(1) Wow! That must require a lot of math, must it?

[2] Wow! That sounds like so much fun! Isn't it just all artsy stuff?

Um... no. First of all, the mathematics falls in the engineering field. You know, those people who will take six hours to figure out the precise torque, force, acceleration, and materials involved in replacing a burned out light bulb? Architects use their creative forces to come up with interesting and plausible designs for buildings. Secondly, it is NOT "so much fun." You try spending three consecutive nights penned up in a basement studio (where little direct sunlight hits the floor) feverishly working on two models, some plans, a few sections, elevation, diagrams, and a computer rendering of your design. Yeah. You'd probably go insane... or at least drop out. And many people do.

Or at least that's the case here at USC. I can't really speak for other colleges, of course. Who knows, maybe we just have it bad and other architects don't. But I doubt it. And besides, architecture's not the type of career you just go into "for fun." You must truly love it to thrive in it, because frankly, you won't be getting that much money, at least not initially.

But I digress. The main purpose of this part of the site is the showcase my architecture work. And most likely, I will be doing this by posting my portfolios online in PDF file. At the very least, that's what you'll get. Of course, the files are pretty big, but hey, there are pretty pictures in there!

So enjoy the fruits of my suffering. And if you don't, I'll stab you multiple times with my Xacto knife and then pour lead shavings into your wounds.

A shot of the Form-Z rendering of my final project for 1st year architecture.