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In the rare, surprising, and completely inexplicable event that you happen to share interests as I, feel free to sample the following web sites featured on this page. Even if you do not fancy such pleasures as roller coasters, theme parks, professional wrestling, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Dance Dance Revolution, or Homestar Runner, you ought to give these sites a brief look. After all, you ventured here, did you not? The least you can do is take an extra step in your trip of extreme boredom. Who knows... you might come to love these sites like family. And if that happens, then you'll know one thing: the trap worked.


Being a great lover of theme parks of all sorts, I thought I'd give you a list of the web sites of various popular theme park company web sites. You may find them useful if you decide to ever visit any of these vacation getaways, with the exception of the Six Flags site. You see, that one has so many errors that it is more of a joke site. And if you go there, try to play the Six Flags error game. How many mistakes in statistics and facts can you find on the site?

Note that some of these sites require Macromedia Flash Player to be viewable.

- Alton Towers

- Busch Gardens

- Cedar Point

- Disney Parks

- Dorney Parks

- Hersheypark

- Kennywood Theme Park

- Knott's Berry Farm

- Paramount Parks

- Sea World

- Six Flags

- Thorpe Park

- Universal Theme Parks

- Valleyfair!

Of course, there exist an abundance of unoffiicial web sites devoted to theme parks. Some offer facts and statistics. Others provide wonderful photographs and videos and news of their target parks. Some give updates to construction projects around a certain area, while a few are even devoted to specific attractions INSIDE a certain theme park. All of these sites are definitely worth a look, and many have their own addicting personalities.

- America Coasters Network

- Barry B's Disney Resort Video Site

- Disney Pix

- Doom Buggies

- IOA Central

- Mouse Planet

- Tell No Tales

- Twisted Rails

- Westcoaster


The following is a collection of the official web sites of various roller coaster and thrill ride manufacturers in the land, from the amazing (i.e. Intamin) to the downright painful (i.e. Vekoma). Interestingly, the quality of the coasters are not always reflected in the spiffiness of the sites, as highlighted by Vekoma's web site.

- Chance-Morgan

- Great Coasters, International

- Huss

- Intamin AG

- Mack

- Premier Rides

- Roller Coaster Corporation of America

- S&S-Arrow

- Setpoint

- The Gravity Group

- Vekoma

- Zamperla

There are also an abundance of fan sites for roller coasters, just as there are for theme parks. Some provide ride reviews and coaster information and photographs while others feature construction updates. A few supply the latest rumors as well. And some combine everything into one convenient location.

- Coaster Gallery

- Coasterdom

- Coasters2K

- Digital Coaster

- Megacoasters

- Ride Zone

- Roller Coaster Database

- Roller Coaster Pro

- Screamscape

- Thrill Network

- Thrill Ride!


There are a few sites devoted to the most popular theme park and roller coaster building video game ever conceived, Roller Coaster Tycoon. You can find me at a couple of them too! Listed below are several fan sites as well as the official site for the famed computer game.

- Coaster Haven

- Danimation

- New Element


- Roller Coaster Tycoon Official Web Site



The following are twisted sites with brilliant senses of humor and hilarious comedy. Or basically anything that doesn't fit into any of the categories above.

A.P. U.S. Notes are literally nationally famous (and possibly world famous... I'm not sure). Countless fans have raved about how these notes saved their grades and such. Why do I mention this? Because I wrote them, of course, and you can never have too little self credit. So all ego aside, if you're looking for help in U.S. history or in the Advanced Placement version of the course, check out the site for some well-written notes. There's even notes for U.S. Government, though they aren't as good as the history ones.

DDR Freak is the best word for my love of Dance Dance Revolution. They have a thriving community, and they actually update whenever there is new news.

Homestar Runner is an incredibly funny web site featuring the infamous Strong Bad emails. You need Flash to see the site, and don't bother clicking the link if you don't have sound either. The Brothers Chaps (the site's creators) have a wicked sense of British-style (read: stupid) humor that is sure to leave you laughing your head off, unless you have utterly no sense of comedy whatsoever.

Stepmania is something I just have to put in. It's the DDR simulator I use to "practice" DDR when I'm not actually playing in the arcade. Great for learning the arrows of a song or for just playing around, this emulator rules!

TPWW.NET hasn't had an update in forever, but their forums are cool. This is just the main wrestling site I visit. Check out the forums every Tuesday and Friday (approximately) for captions to Raw and Smackdown, where members take the snapshots posted at the WWE Raw and Smackdown web sites, respectively, and give their own humorous captions to the scene. Note that some of these captions require wrestling knowledge and would not be understood by non-fans, but others are hilarious no matter who sees them.

University of Southern California... the school I go to. Duh.

Whitney High School... the school I used to go to (OMG! They actually made a new site!!!).

Whitney High School Model United Nations... because I used to be in it. And I'm good friends with the current webmaster. And the site's actually pretty nice for a M.U.N. site.